Gran festa da d'Istà

43rd Edition 2024

from 6 to 8 September 2024

Granfesta da d'Istà

The Gran Festa da d’Istà takes place every year in Canazei at the end of the summer season. It is a big celebration (the name says it all) with four days of joy, fun, music, dancing, and folklore. For the occasion, a huge marquee is set up, which, besides being an excellent refreshment point, is also the heart of the festival. Every year, tourists and locals gather to celebrate the end of the summer season together. Additionally, renowned and famous folk groups from Austria, South Tyrol, and the Ladin region bring to life a series of fascinating musical concerts in their own style. For example, musical groups like "Die Pucher," "Die Muerztaler," "Carinthia Sextett," "Grazer Spitzbuam," "Die Krieglacher," and "Die Grenzland Tiroler." The highlight of the festival takes place on Sunday with a grand parade through the streets of Canazei featuring musical bands and folk groups from the four Ladin valleys, namely Val di Fassa, Val Badia, Val Gardena, and the Livinallongo valley.

from 6 to 8 September 2024

La Gran Festa da d’Istà

Granfesta da d'Istà
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