‍‍Gran festa da d'Istà

43rd Edition 2024

from 6 to 8 September 2024

Gran festa da d'Istà Volontari

It was the Alpini over 40 years ago who organised the first Festa da d’Istà. The following year, the Fire Brigade and the volunteers of the White Cross of Canazei also joined in. It was not easy for these civil protection groups to obtain the necessary funds to purchase the equipment needed for their activities, and organising a village festival together offered them the opportunity to earn a useful profit.
The then commander of the Fire Brigade, Mario Micheluzzi, still recalls the struggles to make the event a success, especially in the beginning, as befitted associations that, in small mountain communities, otherwise enjoyed an excellent reputation.
Then the Alpini withdrew, and the organisation of the Gran Festa da d’Istà remained on the shoulders of the two volunteer groups to this day. Micheluzzi held the position of commander for another ten years, until 1990, then the baton was passed to Giorgio Testor, another tireless man who worked hard to ensure the success of the festival.
From the early years of the festival, things have changed a lot from an economic perspective. Nowadays there is prosperity, but back then, one had to save and not waste anything. Mario had meal vouchers printed to distribute to the staff. Without a voucher, they did not receive a meal. This way, it was ensured that only those who were actually on duty ate for free, unlike now, where there is no longer a need to account for every sandwich that passed over the counter.

Gran festa da d'Istà
Gran festa da d'Istà

What has not changed in the past over 40 years is the harmony that has always characterised the relations between the two volunteer groups. This unity will last as long as the tent exists. Also because, without them, the festival would not exist, and even if it did, it would not be the same.
The entire village of Canazei, with its institutions, has contributed to the success of the Gran Festa over the years. In addition to the Fire Brigade and the White Cross, the municipal and fractional administrations have also played their part, the SITC (Society for the Promotion of Tourism in Canazei) provided its workers, and the Tourist Promotion Company covered the costs of organising the folk parade and advertising.
The tent volunteers started working on Tuesday morning before the weekend festival and finished dismantling and clearing everything away the following Monday. Quite an effort for many, who would have needed a week's holiday to rest from the exertions.
A well-deserved acknowledgment and gratitude also to the many institutional and individual components (Region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the District, the Municipality of Canazei, ASUC of Gries, Canazei, Alba, and Penia, the Society for Tourism Promotion, the Ciampac and Contrin Society, and all the volunteers), who, over the years, have supported and enabled the realisation of this highly appreciated community, human, and cultural event with financial resources, ample availability, and cooperation, sparing no time or effort. A heartfelt thank you to all, which is also a request and confirmation of presence and equal commitment for the future.

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